Katahdin Sheep

*are a medium size breed that come in many colors;

*hardy & more parasite tolerant than wool sheep;
*good mothers that can pasture lamb;
*low maintenance- no shearing or tail docking needed;
*a dual purpose breed of sheep (meat & milk) whose carcasses are well-muscled with lean, mild flavored meat;
*a browsing breed of sheep, they help improve the farmland, and a good breed for grass/forage based management systems
*they are a docile breed so are easily handled

For more information:  http://www.katahdins.org/

St. Croix Sheep

Are a white hair sheep breed that is listed as "threatened" on The Livestock Conservancy website.  They are good mothers, and parasite resistant sheep. 

For more information:  http://livestockconservancy.org/

East Friesian Sheep

We added an East Friesian to the flock, a dairy and wool breed.

For Sale

Dexter cattle,  katahdin market lambs, Nubian goats and yearlings are sold at the farm. The price includes delivery to one of three processing plants of the buyers choice, both within 20 miles of the farm. Vincent’s is a state licensed plant located in Shinnston, WV.  Hydes is a state licensed plant located in Enterprise, WV.  Young & Stout is a state licensed and federally inspected plant in Clarksburg, WV.  All processing plants require a prearranged appointment for the processing of the animals.  The cuts desired and cost are paid by the buyer of the animals.


For more information about bees and local beekeeper associations, visit: http://www.wvbeekeepers.org/

Tennessee Myotonic Goats

This breed was chosen because they are a parasite-resistant breed, an important feature in raising goats as naturally as possible;
* they tend to stay in fenced areas (because of their myotonic feature);
* they are a meat and milk breed.

* ours are medium size;
* they aid in brush control; and
* they are an American breed – originally from Tennessee.

* we have polled and horned goats.

Tennessee fainting goats are on the ‘watch’ list of The Livestock Breeds Conservancy. 

For more information:     
www.livestock conservancy.org

Aunt Annie’s Apiary 

Our apiary products includes: honey, pollen, propolis and beeswax. Contact us for availability.  Our honey has won first prize for the amber honey category through the WV Beekeepers Association (WVBA). 

As members of the WVBA we are active in promoting beekeeping at both the state and local level.  We have over 1,000 beekeepers in our state association.

Dairy Goats

Our farm has added dairy goats a registerable miniLaMancha buck, a miniNubian doe, and a registerable Nubian doe.

WV 3SpringsFarm

....where honey is found & Katahdins abound

Dexter Cattle

A registered Dexter bull and two Dexter Belted Galloway cross cows were the start of our herd.  Two beautiful calm Angus cows  from the farm of Frank & Judy Wilhelm in Bruceton Mills, WV.

Our Products - Katahdin Sheep, Tennessee Goats, Dexter Cattle, Honey