WV 3SpringsFarm

....where honey is found & Katahdins abound

The original 36 plus acre property was purchased in the mid 1970’s by Barbara and Lee Lipscomb (picture shown), who moved to this farm in the early 1990’s.  Considerable hard work done by Lee and Barbara improved the property by adding a pond, cleaning up the land, and building their home and workshop.

Lee would tell stories about growing up on a farm in Tennessee and about an uncle that owned Tennessee goats.  His stories about the goats, resulted in adding these remarkable goats to the farm.

In 2007, they moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

Their care and stewardship of the property left the land greatly improved by the time they sold the farm to us.  It was a privilege to get the land and start our dream.  Thank you Barb & Lee!

Since the original purchase from Lee and Barbara, we have added acreage to the farm.  This has helped further our mission to raise animals naturally and humanely on pasture, help preserve native wildlife, and supporting our  community by donating farm produced food to a local agency when available.