Katahdin Hair Sheep

An American breed of hair sheep developed in the United States at the Piel Farm in Maine.   

St. Croix Hair Sheep

Our Philosophy

Our animals are naturally and humanely raised on pasture, which is our farms operating philosophy. We primarily  practice rotational grazing and use parasite resistant stock.  

  • Guinea fowl were added as a way of naturally controlling ticks and bugs on the farm. Our chickens also help to naturally control bugs without the use of pesticides.  They also provide the farm with fresh eggs.

  • Sunflowers are grown for the goats, sheep, and birds.

  •  Registered and pure bred Katahdin
  • Katahdin starter flocks
  • Registered and purebred St. Croix Sheep
  • Market lambs and sheep
  • Tennessee "fainting" goats 
  • Dairy goats
  • Dexter and Dexter-cross cattle

Our bees pollinate with the local crops and trees. 

Our Apiary, Aunt Annie's Apiary, produces honey, propolis, pollen and bees wax.

What we sell:

WV 3SpringsFarm

....where honey is found & Katahdins abound

Dexter Cattle

Tennessee "fainting" Goats

We also offer:

  • Driveway breeding for goats and sheep.

  • Tanned sheep hides.

  • Honey, propolis, pollen, beeswax.

Katahdin Sheep

Tennessee or Myotonic 

An American breed originally from Tennessee.  They are a parasite-resistant breed – an important feature in raising goats as naturally as possible.

Dairy Goats

​Our cattle include a registered Dexter Bull, Dexter-Belted Galloway cows and Angus cows.