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Katahdin Sheep, Natural Farm, Free Range



Market lambs, yearlings , Tanned sheep hides, sell registered, pure bred Katahdin ewes, meat & milkKatahdin Hair SheepKatahdin Sheep, Natural Farm, Free Range

The spring
of 2012 our first set of quadruplets were born to Dot & Leo.  She is a remarkable mother and raised all four lambs on pasture - we are retaining a ewe and a ram lamb.

Katahdin Hair Sheep are an American breed originally developed by Mr. Piel in Maine. Developed in the 1970’s they are named after a mountain in Maine.      

Chosen for the farm, Katahdin Sheep are a medium size breed that are:
*hardy & more parasite tolerant than wool sheep;
*good mothers that can pasture lamb;
*low maintenance - no shearing or tail
docking needed;
*a duel purpose breed of sheep (meat & milk) whose carcasses are well-muscled with lean, mild flavored meat;
*a browsing breed of sheep, they help improve the farmland;
* they are a docile breed so are easily handled;
*a good breed for grass/forage based management systems;
*come in many colors and color combinations.
For more information about this breed, visit Katahdin Hair Sheep International at http://www.khsi.org 

We sell registered and pure bred Katahdin ewes and rams for breeding, pasture control and as an added value to cattle herds & cattle farming. Starter flocks are sold for beginning shepherds – however, only a limited number are available each year.    

Market lambs
and yearlings are sold at the farm. The price includes delivery to one of three processing plants of the buyers choice – all  within 20 miles of the farm. Vincent and Hyde are WV state licensed plants located in Shinnston, WV  Young & Stout is a state licensed and federally inspected plant in Clarksburg, WV.   All processing plants require a prearranged appointment for the processing of lambs, yearling sheep, and cattle.  The cuts desired and cost are paid by the buyer of the lambs, yearling sheep, and cattle.

Tanned sheep hides are also available upon special request.  A sample is available for viewing.